Laundry facilities

Speed ​​Queen, manufacturer of washing machines since 1908, is the oldest existing industrial laundry brand.

Over the course of a century, we have developed revolutionary washing machines and dryers: faster, quieter and greener. Today, a member of Alliance Laundry Systems, Speed ​​Queen offers a range of non-standard machines.

Innovation at Alliance Laundry Systems

The first Speed ​​Queen brand was “Barlow and Seeling”. At the time, the founders focused on improving the machines marketed by major brands. Since then, Speed ​​Queen has come a long way to becoming the flagship brand of Alliance Laundry Systems and a leader in the field of laundry innovation.

The best washing machines and dryers in the world are today produced by the Star Center, opened in 2016 in the Czech Republic.

Laundry facilities

User experience

The goal of innovation has always been customer satisfaction. Speed ​​Queen washing machines and dryers are durable, user-friendly and offer impeccable performance. The same requirements and materials are applied to all Speed ​​Queen equipment.

A complete range

To meet the needs of every investor, Speed ​​Queen designs and renews complete ranges of professional washing machines and dryers. Discover the products that will equip your Speed ​​Queen laundromat:

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