Our professional washing machines

Speed ​​Queen manufactures two main categories of professional washing machines – hard mounts and soft mounts – and offers investors a complete range of industrial machines.

Hard Mounts

Hard mounts are machines known as “rigid” because they have no suspension. During spinning, the vibrations are transmitted to the floor: the washer must be firmly fixed and the floor able to absorb the force of the machines. A thick concrete slab and “chemical” screws are necessary. Hard mount machines appeal for their robustness, their sleek design and their price.

Hard mount models Capacity (kg)
SC 20 9
SC 30 14
SC 40 18
SC 60 27

Suspended wringers

Soft mount machines are equipped with a suspension system that absorbs the shock of spinning. This characteristic allows much more powerful spinning, up to 350 g / 400 g extraction force. The suspended wringers are designed for any type of surface: a few brackets are enough to hold them in place.

Soft mount models Capacity (kg)
SY 65 7
SY 80 8
SY 105 11
SY 135 14
SY 180 18
SY 240 24
SY 280 28
Our professional washing machines

Key Features of Speed ​​Queen Suspended Wringers

Structure and components: facade, hinges, drum and bucket are made of stainless steel.

Suspension: coil springs and shock absorbers are designed to absorb as much vibration as possible.

Spin: Factor G350 to 400 reduces drying times for greater electricity savings.

QED Assistance Software:

  • 10 programs.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Available in more than 20 languages.
  • Cycle tracking at each stage.

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