Our professional dryers

Speed ​​Queen dryers have load capacities ranging from 11 to 34 kg. Here too, we offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of investors and anyone wishing to open their own laundromat.

Dryers designed to last

Whatever model you choose, every part has been designed in robust materials that make our machines extremely durable.

These parts are assembled so as to achieve the perfect balance between:

  • Temperature
  • Air flow
  • Drum movement
SUT30 stack tumbler 14
SUT45 stack tumbler 20
SU025 11
SU030 14
SU035 16
SU055 25
SU075 34
Our professional dryers

Key features of Speed ​​Queen dryers

Reduced drying times: burners instantly reach the desired temperature so as to dry the laundry quickly without damaging the textile fibers. This results in significant energy savings.

Fewer moving parts meaning less maintenance and wear.

Patented oval drum perforations: prevents obstruction by objects left in garment pockets.

Large capacity drum for drying large pieces of laundry, such as comforters.

Quantum Gold Software:

  • Networking of dryers
  • Off-site management function
  • Performance audit
  • Time-of-day pricing
  • A special cycle for loyal customers

Micro-Display Software:

  • Manual programming of control functions
  • Rates for services
  • Audit functions
  • LED panel: display of prices and cycle times

Contact our experts to have your self-service laundry opened in no time.

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