About self service laundromats

Their history, functioning, profitability.

History of laundries

Public laundries are the precursors of modern self service laundromats, places where the washerwomen of old used to wash clothes with soap, using a wooden board or even a stone. The washerwomen sometimes added ashes and sand to their rudimentary detergent to remove the most resistant odors and stains. Today, self service laundromats have little in common with laundries of yesteryear: washing is no longer a chore, and washing machines have never been more efficient.

How do our laundromats work?

Speed ​​Queen laundromats are equipped with the finest washing machines and laundry facilities in the world. Our washing machines are user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to wash or dry their laundry. For more information on using our equipment, see the article “How a Speed ​​Queen Laundromat Works“.

Why invest in self service laundromats?

Most households now have a domestic washing machine. So what is behind the profitability of Speed ​​Queen laundromats? There are several reasons for this success:

  • Some people still don’t have a washing machine, sometimes by deliberate choice.
  • Some articles of laundry can only be washed in a laundromat.
  • Washing your laundry in the laundromat saves time and money: in just one hour, you can wash 20 kg of laundry, at a professional level.

Demand is growing, even in these times of crisis, and it is varied: students, pensioners, managers and families use our self service laundromats, all year round. Investing in a self service laundromat is a profitable business that calls for only a modest initial investment. Staff costs and risk of non-paying clients are zero. Add to this the total support that Speed ​​Queen experts provide.

Total support with Speed ​​Queen

Because your success is also ours, we help you maximize the profitability of your Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat.

Choosing the location for your self service laundry

The answer to the question “How much does a laundromat cost” depends mainly on its location. Thanks to geographical data and our experience in the business, we help you to choose the ideal zone in which to install your Speed ​​Queen laundromat.

Self service laundromat business plan

The financial plan is another crucial step before you open your Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat. Here too, our experts guide you and help you to create a complete, detailed and realistic laundromat business plan.

Setting up the self service laundromat

This is the very heart of our business. The choice of professional washing machines and tumble dryers, their positioning in your premises, any ancillary services: we give you the benefit of our expertise so that your laundromat is as welcoming and efficient possible. But it doesn’t stop there! We also take care of the exterior decor and signage with modern, easily identifiable panels that make it easy for you to promote your self service laundromat.

Marketing support

The location has been selected. The self service laundromat business plan is approved. The washing machines and signage are installed. All that is needed now is customers … We also help you with advertising! By going for a Speed ​​Queen self service laundromat, you get the benefit of a wide range of professional marketing aids, including:

  • Store opening kits
  • External signage
  • Visibility on our websites
  • Advertising models for print media (newspapers, magazines)
  • Direct marketing models

Technical support

Our global support network responds to your requests for assistance or technical intervention in record time. Because the proper functioning of your laundromat is one of the keys to your success!

Contact our experts to have your self-service laundry opened in no time.

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